SuperDuper Editorial Policies

(1) ADVERTISING POLICY. Any advertisements, advertorials, sponsored content, and the like will be clearly marked as advertising content and do not reflect the opinions of SuperDuper.

(2) EDITORIAL POLICY.  Editorial content is written by the SuperDuper team based on personal experience and results. Editorial content is not influenced by advertisers, affiliates, public relation firms, brands, or other individuals unless otherwise noted. Press samples submitted for inclusion are for consideration only. 

(3) COMMENT POLICY. The purpose of the comments’ section is to provide an area for discussion between the SuperDuper team, yourself, and other readers and community members. Discussion and debates are highly encouraged, and disagreements are expected and provide opportunities to create a fuller picture. As certain topics and comments can arouse passionate feelings on either side of the argument, all users and comments must adhere to community guidelines. These guidelines require that users participate in a civil, intelligent, and respectful manner.

Comments which do not add to the conversation (including, but not limited to, advertising, off-site links, and spam) or go on an inappropriate tangent may be edited, moved, or deleted. No personal attacks are permitted in the comments, whether towards SuperDuper, other community participants and members, or celebrities. Trolls and trolling comments will be not be permitted. The comments you leave should be constructive, helpful, or insightful–they add value to the conversation. If an otherwise intelligent, well-written comment is accompanied by personal attacks, condescension, ridicule, or other types of snark, it may be subject to deletion. If you have to insult someone to make your point, your comment will be deleted. Violation of the Comment Policy may result in limited or blocked access of the blog.

(4) GIVEAWAY POLICY.  Each giveaway includes a full set of terms and conditions, which can be accessed and read in the same post where one would enter. Unless otherwise specified, giveaways are decided by random draw using a random number generator. Winners will be contacted via e-mail and will have 48 hours to confirm receipt of prize. Prizes may take approximately six to eight weeks to be delivered.