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8 startups.

3 IPOs.

2 Google Acquisitions.

I get it.


I'm known for over-delivering, connecting the dots, and connecting people.  My early jobs were in fashion and then I joined the digital revolution. The first stop was an early e-commerce play (some might say, "too early") on Time Warner's Pathfinder where I learned a little code, a lot about databases, and that Sports Illustrated could take down the internet with a single swimsuit issue. 

Since then I've had the good fortune to launch award-winning mobile and web products that help people understand the world around them, stay connected to family, lose weight and keep it off, maintain peace of mind through pregnancy, build businesses, eat really well, and have great hair.

In 2014 I founded LK (ad)Ventures and in 2015 I launched SuperDuper.  I'm on a roll. 



In 2014 I founded LK (ad)Ventures to help early-stage entrepreneurs move from "idea" to "in business," applying everything I've learned in 20+ years as a leader and operator in the tech world.


"Lizzy is both strategic and an operator. She delivers."
– Bo Peabody, Entrepreneur and Venture Partner, Greycroft Partners

"Lizzy has an enviable network, and makes thoughtful connections." – Robin Shobin, Founder/ CEO, Charlotte's Book

The SuperDuper iPhone app launched in Spring of 2015.

"This app is EVERYTHING to me." – The DiSHHH

SuperDuper will reinvent the way color cosmetics are sold.  Today, the free, easy to use iOS app reveals drugstore dupes for luxury nail polish brands, and we're just getting started.

"You might Want to Delete Candy Crush for this One." – Bustle


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